Tylor Steelman

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Demo Reel

A series of video projects written and edited by Tylor Steelman


Sketch: Belts

Communication problems between friends.
written and directed by Tylor Steelman

sketch: We Need a better editor

What happens when a protagonist isn't happy with the sketch he's in...

PW: editor

Writing Samples

Curb Your Enthusiasm Spec Script:

Link: "The Donation"

Music Videos

Directed by Rod Gurrola & Tylor Steelman
Edited by Tylor Steelman

More Shorts

Tylor receives a makeover to compete in the 2018 dating scene

Dog RUINS a gender reveal

A boy is faced with the undesirable task of putting his social status on the line in favor of his desire for classic cola

A birthday boy receives an unwelcome surprise



Free on  Itunes

Free on Itunes

Del Talko is a podcast documenting one man's journey to go where no man has gone before... every Del Taco restaurant in California. Each episode Tylor Steelman and a guest will be talk taco and review their increasingly mediocre meals.

Listen to a sample below.

Free on   Itunes

Free on Itunes

Frill Picks is a weekly interview show hosted by Tristan Puig. He welcomes friends and strangers into his home to stretch the definition of "family friendly entertainment"...mostly "entertainment".